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Una foto del restaurante Morton's The Steakhouse - Taipei
4.4 (135)
2000 NT$ o más
Xinyi District
Información sobre el restaurante
When we say that we offer "The Best Steak...Anywhere," we mean it!
Morton's has grown to over 74 restaurants, but the vision is the same today as it was when we opened our first restaurant in Chicago in 1978. Quality. Consistency. Genuine Hospitality.

Una foto del restaurante Smith & Wollensky
4.7 (31)
2000 NT$ o más
Xinyi District
Información sobre el restaurante
-Date: August 10th, 2024.
-Serving Hours: 17:00~23:00; Last Order at 22:00
-Exclusive Set Menu Only, NT$5,980 per person
-Table Time Limit: 2 hours
-Deposit: NT$1,000 per person (required in advance to confirm booking).
-Please note that every child occupying a seat is required to order a meal.
[SUMMER VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER MENU](https://smithandwollensky.com.tw/en/news/taipei/news-20240628)

**【Reservation Policy】**
1.Reservations for the next month will open on the first day of every month via online, on-site, and telephone booking. Online booking is only open for a maximum of 4 people. To reserve a table for over 4 people, please contact us through phone calls by dialing +886 2-2345-5647. We will charge an advanced deposit for private rooms and group reservations (over 7 people).

2.Seat assignment requests are unavailable. If you have a special request (e.g; wheelchair access, stroller, etc.), please contact us by email or phone call. For birthdays and anniversaries, please make a note in the Occasion section.

3.After completing the booking process, you will receive an SMS message to confirm your reservation. If you want to cancel the reservation, please click the cancellation button through the link provided in your SMS message.

4.Reservations are secured for 15 minutes of tardiness.

5.We have a corkage fee of NTD$1000 per bottle.

6.Please kindly understand that high chairs and children's utensils are unavailable.

7.Please note that animals are not allowed in the restaurant (except guide dogs).

8.Last order time: Sun.~Thu. 21:00; Fri.~Sat. 22:00

9.For more information on private rooms and special events, please visit our [website](https://smithandwollensky.com.tw/en/event/taipei)

Una foto del restaurante 凱恩斯岩燒牛排 台北大安店
4.2 (8)
Entre 1000 y 1999 NT$
Da'an District
Información sobre el restaurante

1. 僅接受30天內的訂位,用餐時間依訂位時間起120分鐘。
2. 如需更改訂位時間、用餐人數、確認訂位資訊,請致電門市將有專人為您服務。
3. 如需取消訂位,煩請來電洽詢或依照簡訊指示取消訂位。
4. 不提供當日訂位,若有需求歡迎來電詢問訂位狀況。
5. 訂位時間保留10分鐘逾時取消,如需延長保留時間請電洽,將視當日訂位狀況安排。

1. 每日壽星優惠名額皆為限量供應,需用餐前預約壽星優惠,結帳後恕無法再提供優惠減免。
2. 訂位人數需四位(含)以上,用餐人數需至少四位,並消費四份岩燒套餐,四位以下用餐則無法使用壽星優惠。
3. 壽星優惠每人每日限用一次,當月使用次數不限。
4. 用餐當日壽星本人需攜帶”附照片”之正本有效證件,供店員查看確認,若未攜帶者則無法使用壽星優惠。(如身分證或駕照等)





供餐時間:11:30 - 20:30
營業時間:11:30 - 22:00

供餐時間:11:30 - 20:00
營業時間:11:30 - 21:30
供餐時間:11:30 - 20:10
營業時間:11:30 - 22:00

供餐時間:11:30 - 20:30
營業時間:11:30 - 22:00
供餐時間:11:30 - 20:30
營業時間:11:30 - 22:00


供餐時間: 17:30-20:30
營業時間: 17:30-22:00

供餐時間:11:30 - 20:30
營業時間:11:30 - 22:00


1. 台北大安店與台中公益店與高雄巨蛋店供應時間為:平日,11:30 - 13:30
2. 台中崇德店供應時間為:平日,11:30 - 15:00

Una foto del restaurante Lawry’s Prime Rib
4.6 (19)
2000 NT$ o más
Xinyi District
Información sobre el restaurante
# Reservation Notes
**1. Online reservations are available for up to 6 people. For bookings exceeding 6 people or for private rooms, please call our reservation line at 02-2729-8555.**

**2. We do not accept seat assignments. Please inform us by phone if you have special needs (such as mobility issues, wheelchair access, etc.).**

**3. For celebrations and wedding anniversaries, please indicate your purpose during the reservation. We will provide a celebratory mini-cake and offer on-site photography and singing to celebrate.**

**4. After making a reservation, you will receive a Line or SMS notification. If you need to cancel your reservation, simply click the cancellation link in the message.**
**5. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes.**

**6. A corkage fee will be charged for bringing your own beverages: NT$1,500 per bottle (750ml or less) for wine and NT$2,000 per bottle (750ml or less) for spirits.**

**7. Dining with us allows you to offset parking fees at Breeze Center Parking Lot: NT$1,000 consumption equals 1 hour parking deduction, up to 5 hours per day.**

**8. For self-pickup orders, please contact the following:**
- [Online Ordering](https://iwhispering.com/pt_module2/public/meals2/1656819204/home?outside=1)

Una foto del restaurante 維多麗亞酒店 N°168 PRIME敦化店
4.5 (4)
2000 NT$ o más
China (cantonesa)
Da'an District
Información sobre el restaurante
?Traffic information
SOGO Department Store, Dunhua Hall, 7th Floor, near Renai Circle, next to Fuxing Primary and Secondary School. The department store can be parked, and the restaurant can be used for parking. The maximum limit is 3 hours. More than 3 hours are subject to department store charges.
It is close to MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing and Zhongxiao Dunhua, Exit 12 of the Eastern District Underground Street, and arrives in 2 minutes.

?Special seat requirements
If you have special requirements for the seat (baby carriage, wheelchair, etc.), please contact us.

? Corkage fee
Corkage fee for wine is NT$800 per bottle, and for spirits is NT$1,500 per bottle.
If you order wine at our restaurant, you can get corkage fee free.

? Celebration
For birthday, anniversary or other celebrations, please let us know in advance.

? Dietary restrictions
If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance when booking, our chef will adjust the menu with the ingredients available on the day.

???? group activity
• The reservation is guaranteed with credit card authorization form, and a group of 6 or more people must pay 30% deposit.
• Groups of 10 or more people are advised to order food in advance to facilitate the restaurant to prepare in advance and provide better services.
• For independent privacy, our restaurant is equipped with a choice of private room for up to 6 people, from NT$10,000.
• For special events, please contact us directly.

Una foto del restaurante 栢麗廳 Brasserie
4.4 (28)
2000 NT$ o más
Información sobre el restaurante
Offers cannot be combined with other promotion.

- Please kindly be informed that prices will be different during the national and special holidays.

- Half price for children in between 100cm to 130cm; Free of charge for children under 100cm.
-The arrangement of the seats is mainly based on the on-site deployment.
- Please kindly provide specific number of persons (including numbers of children) when making a reservation to ensure the comfortability of the seats.
-Specific seating arrangement will be affected by the daily on-site situation.
- Online reservation is not applicable for National Holidays and Breakfast.

Breakfast Period - 6:30am to 10:00am
Weekdays/Weekends (per person) NT$880+10%

Lunch Period - 11:30am to 2:00pm
Weekdays (per person) NT$1,580+10%
Weekends (per person) NT$1,980+10%

Afternoon Tea Period - 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Weekdays (per person) NT$1080+10%
Weekends (per person) NT$1280+10%

Dinner Period - 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Weekdays (per person) NT$1,680+10%
Weekends (per person) NT$1,980+10% (Friday Included)

- Corkage fee applies. NT$500 for wines/ per bottle; NT$1,000 for spirits/ per bottle.
- Group guests who make reservations separately cannot share the table.
- When using coupons, rules and prices listed above apply.

Una foto del restaurante 泰市場 Spice Market
4.1 (21)
Entre 1000 y 1999 NT$
Asiática sudoriental
Xinyi District
Información sobre el restaurante
Located on the fourth floor of Hotel Indigo Taipei North, Spice Market stands as Taiwan's premier and exclusive Thai-themed seafood buffet restaurant. Our buffet counters are filled with a diverse selection of seafood delicacies, complemented by an array of aromatic spices that invite guests to indulge in the authentic flavors of Thailand right in the heart of Taipei city.

Thai-themed seafood buffet


Lunch: 11:30 – 14:00
Dinner: 18:00 – 21:00

Friday Night: 18:00 – 21:00
Lunch: 11:30 – 14:30
Dinner: 17:30 – 21:00

4F, No. 200, Zhifu Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Una foto del restaurante 台北國泰萬怡酒店 MJ Kitchen自助餐廳
4.8 (4)
Hasta 999 NT$
Información sobre el restaurante
平日周一~周五 06:30~10:00

MJ Kitchen感謝您的體諒與支持,敬祝您用餐愉快!

♦午餐時間 11:30~14:00
平日午餐(每位) NT$1,180+10%;假日午餐(每位) NT$1,380+10%

♦下午茶時間 每周六、日15:00~17:00
下午茶(每位) NT$730+10%

♦晚餐時間 18:00~21:30
平、假日晚餐(每位) NT$1,380+10%

❣即日起推出「MJ 美墨季」 熱情美國遇上刺激墨西哥,美食豐火輪,燃情航行!

濃烈風情的美式口味,結合辛辣帶勁的墨西哥風情,MJ Kitchen即日起至09/15推出「MJ 美墨季」主題新菜色,率先端出多道地道海鮮佳餚,明亮清新的加勒比檸檬海鮮和鮮美逼人的手抓火烤海鮮桶,以及夏威夷特有的陽光拌蔬菜,熱料區也同步推出滿滿的肉類佳品,囊括美國經典的德州煙燻豬肋排、田納西威士忌烤雞、德州美墨炸雞、啤酒燉羊脛骨以及BBQ戰斧豬排,美食航線往南前行,準備了墨西哥焗烤牛肉砂鍋、辣燉豬肉、蒜香火烤羊肩包佐薄荷醬以及現包的雞肉玉米捲餅,用味蕾穿梭南北美的美食旅程。

「MJ 美墨季」期間,七月份至九月份壽星(符合萬豪會員資格),至少兩位成人同行且壽星須出示證件,壽星本人即可享有TWD$966優惠價,趁現在呼朋引伴來享受這場美墨盛宴吧!


●訂位人數超過6位或須指定桌號、包廂座位,請洽MJ Kitchen自助餐廳(02)7750-3337。

Una foto del restaurante 夏慕尼 新香榭鉄板燒 台北中山北店
4.6 (11)
Entre 1000 y 1999 NT$
Información sobre el restaurante
大膽顛覆傳統鐵板燒的老式印象,將法式料理及Lounge Bar時尚元素融入鐵板料理。設計出一道道精緻美味的餐點,營造獨特迷人的法式鐵板饗宴。
Una foto del restaurante Saffron 46
4.6 (21)
Entre 1000 y 1999 NT$
Xinyi District
Información sobre el restaurante
【Restaurant Information】
?Address:No.17, Songzhi Rd; Xinyi Dist; Taipei City(Breeze Nanshan 46F)

【Business Hours】
?Lunch set:

?Happy Hour:
Monday~Friday(Exclude Holidays):17:00~19:00

Sunday~Thursday:16:00~22:00(Last order 21:30)
Friday、Saturday、Holidays and the night before:16:00~22:30(All day,Window seat’s min. order count as dinner after 16:00,Last order 22:00)
*Dining period 120 minutes.

Sunday~Thursday:22:00~22:30(Last order 22:30)
Friday~Saturday(Including Holidays and the night before):22:30~00:00(Last order 00:00)

【Reservation notes】
-Reservations for next month will be open on the first day of every month via online, on-site and telephone booking. Online booking only open for a maximum of 4 people. Reserve a table of over 4 people please contact us by calling +886 2-2722-5151.
-Only accepts booking with a valid number.
- If we could not contact you once the reservation is completed, Saffron 46 reserves the right to cancel your booking.
-Please contact us in advance in case of cancellation or any changes.
-Reservations are secured for 15 minutes of tardy. Please understand that we might change your table arrangement accordingly.
We do not provide kids menu. If high chairs or children’s utensils are needed, please notify us in advance.
? Minimum order:
Window table: Lunch period $1,200+10% per person; Dinner period $1,800+10% per person.
Sofa table: Dinner period $1,200+10% per person.
Bar area: Dinner period $500+10% per person.
Children over 120 cm in height will be charged as adults.
**Reminder:Parties of 5 or more will be arranged at the sofa table(Parties of 10 or more apply to group reservation). We do not accept parties over 4 at the window table. Window table’s lowest minimum order count as 2 people.
We charge $1,000 per bottle of wine(Sparkling, red or white);Other than wine is unacceptable.
We do not offer desserts. If ordered dessert, we will provide candle and plate decoration in case of birthday or anniversary. $50 per person will be charged if outside food is consumed in the restaurant.
Saffron46 do not provide beef nor pork, if there are any food restrictions, please inform us in the remarks upon booking.
Outside food is prohibit (Except baby food and birthday cakes).
?‍?‍?‍? Group reservations:
Saffron46 has no private room.
Party of 5 or more has a deposit of $200 per person.
Minimum order for parties of 10 to 12: Lunch period $1,200+10% per person; Dinner period $1,800+10% per person; Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, between 17:00-21:00 is $3,000+10% per person.
For events and parties over 13 people, please contact service@saffron46.com.tw or dial (02)2722-5151 for further details.
Cash、VISA、JCB、MASTER、AE、Union pay、Apple pay、Line pay、Android pay、Breeze pay、Breeze coupon、JKO pay。
Please confirm other digital payments before payment.
?Parking validation:
30 minutes for every $500 of consumption, up to 3 hours a day.
-All prices are in New Taiwan Dollar, and additional 10% service charge.
-All regulations are to optimal guest experience, thank you for your cooperation.

Una foto del restaurante 隨意鳥地方餐飲集團 大安東尼 Da Antonio 台北101店(5F)
4.8 (5)
Entre 1000 y 1999 NT$
Xinyi District
Información sobre el restaurante

* Change the Language Please press the upper right sphere of language options*

If the day can not be booked,please contact us by phone or email

Please understand that the reservation system cannot specify seating area

Please to make us a call +886-2-81018268 or send us an e-mail:daantonio1015f@gmail.com
we will arrange for you



※入席時間均不多做保留須要準時入席,敬請知悉;若未於時間内到達,將優先請現場. 等候的顧客入座。
We would like to remind you that there is no retention time of our seats and please do not forget to be on time



Una foto del restaurante 金色三麥 京站店
4.2 (15)
Hasta 999 NT$
Información sobre el restaurante
Coming Soon!
Una foto del restaurante THE KEY COMPANY 鑰匙行
4.9 (3)
Hasta 999 NT$
Bar/salón/servicio de bebidas
Da'an District
Información sobre el restaurante

Una foto del restaurante EMBERS
4.5 (6)
2000 NT$ o más
Da'an District
Información sobre el restaurante
【Season S/S

With the arrival of Spring and Summer, we will introduce a whole new menu.
Showcasing the diversity and excitement of Taiwan, discover the flavor between whole plants, fungus, and algae.

To present the whole concept, dietary restriction are not provided.

[Opening Hours]
Dinner 18:00 to 22:30.
Closed on every Monday & Tuesday.
Holiday or special event closures will be announced on Embers website.
E-mail: info@embersdining.com

Tasting Menu + Tea Pairing. 4,500up TWD /person.
Subject to service charge 10%.
MENU and price may vary according to menu.

* Please note that we only accept reservations within 40 days prior to your desired date.

* For parties of four and above, or any special events, please contact us via email or phone (13:00-18:00).

* A reservation charge will be NT$1500/per person, the reservation is only valid once the payment is fully paid and a notification is well received.

* A special cake can be prepared with an advanced request made three days prior to the booking. Cake price is NT$350/Pcs.

* We welcome all children above the age of 12.

* Reservations will be held for 10 minutes. Please inform us at your earliest convenience should you wish to change your time of arrival.

* This website is the only official booking channel for Embers, all other unauthorized private booking channels (Facebook/Instagram) will not be approved.

[Changes and Cancellation]

* At Embers, we purchase and prepare our ingredients based on our reservations and to prevent any food wastage, we would appreciate for you to inform us 7 days in advance if there are any changes or cancellations.

* Kindly note that there will be a cancellation charge of NT$1500/per person if cancellation is made in less than 7 days or arrive late over 15 minutes.
Embers reserves the right to modify or cancel these reservations.

(For example: Reservation date is 8th of Jan, you will get a refund if you cancel on 1st of Jan. However, if you cancel on 7st of Jan, no refund will be issued.)

* For parties of six and above, kindly note that there will be a cancellation charge of NT$1500/per person if cancellation is made in less than ten days or arrive late over 15 minutes.

* The phone line is not open for reservations everyday Monday & Tuesday.

* Refund process takes 7~10 working days.

[Please note]
* MENU and price will be changed irregularly according to the seasonal ingredient, please contact us to have more info.

* Last order: Dinner 19:30.

* Please note that outside food & beverage is not allowed.

* Cakage Charge: NT$100 per person.

* Corkage Charge: Wine NT$800 per bottle (750ml).
Spirits NT$1500 per bottle (750ml).

* No pets allowed, service dogs are welcome, please inform us in advance.

* For food safety concerns, no takeaway will be provided.

* To provide the best dining experience for our guests, flash photography and video record are not allowed in the restaurant. Please feel free to send us an email for any monetize filming or photography and we will assist you accordingly.
Embers reserve all rights to reject any unauthorized monetize filming or photography.

* Embers reserve the right to cancel or change your booking due to unforeseen circumstances, extreme weather conditions or accidents.

Thank you for kind understanding.

Una foto del restaurante 美福乾式熟成牛排館 Fresh & Aged Italian Steak House
4.9 (11)
2000 NT$ o más
Información sobre el restaurante


** ?超值美味,即刻訂位?**

- 特殊節日週一則有營業
- 午間 11:30~14:00
- 平日晚間 18:00~21:00
- 週末晚間 17:30~21:00 (每週六、日與國定假日)

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